Prevail Belt


Image of Prevail Belt

This belt weightlifter is perfect for beginners and professionals. Made of two layers of high-quality genuine leather. Sufficiently soft unlike analogues made from PVC and pressed cardboard. Backrest height 12 centimeters. The tongue under the buckle protects against possible discomfort when the belt is tightened tightly. The fastener is made of stainless steel alloy, which will ensure its original appearance throughout the life of the product.

Kind of sport: fitness.
Stiffness: soft.
Thickness: 5-6 mm.
Backrest height: 12 cm.
Number of layers: 2.
Material: natural high-quality leather

In order to determine what size of the belt you need, you can use the table below. We measure the waist circumference with a centimeter tape and look, in the range of which table size the result falls

Size, cm From To
XS: 46 - 71
S: 56 - 81
M: 66 - 91
L: 76 - 101
XL: 86 - 111
XXL: 96 - 121
Remember to remember that the belts of a weight lifter are tightened quite strongly, and usually in a tightened form, the waist is 5-7 cm less than the one obtained with a centimeter measurement (especially if you measured your waist in a relaxed state).


Image of Prevail Belt